The Marietta Daily Journal - School Teachers They re grasshoppers in an elephant fight

The Marietta Daily Journal - School Teachers They re grasshoppers in an elephant fight

I find it very interesting that California based group, Students First, is donating to Georgia politicians. This is the group formed by Michelle Rhee, who gave us Teach for America. What is their agenda in Georgia? Educators should be very worried about this group silently worming it's way into Georgia.

As school budgets shrink, so does the school year

As school budgets shrink, so does the school year

What do you think of the shortened school year? GAE is bringing it's "180 Days" campaign to Georgia to encourage Lawmakers to fully fund at least 180 days of school for our children! Want to get invovled? Let me know!

New School Year 2013 - 2014

Wow, I can't believe it is time for school to start again! We have had some exciting new changes this summer at CCAE!

First, we merged with the Marietta City Education Association and they will now be part of CCAE! We did a meet and greet at the Marietta New Teacher Orientation yesterday and will be conducting school visits during the upcoming weeks. I look forward to getting to know the Marietta schools and welcoming all the current and future members to CCAE!

Another change is our focus. The past 3 years that I have been president, our focus was on becoming the leader in public education in Cobb. We think we have accomplished that goal pretty well! This year we will be working on improving school conditions for staff and students, including funding issues. We will work on class size, school district policy, and other issues that affect our members on a daily basis. We will not lose our role as the leader in Cobb (and now Marietta) regarding public education, just enhance that role.

CCAE has been invited to work with the Cobb School District in re-writing the personnel policies that changed last year by the Cobb School Board! We were personally invited during a school board meeting to help insure that the policies of the District respect and represent all employees. We want to thank School Board Member Kathy Angelucci for bringing this matter to the board and hope to have policies in place soon that restore some of the protections our members have earned.

We are looking forward to this school year and continuing to make public education in Cobb the best it can be, representing, informing, and educating our members, and improving the lives of staff and students of the Cobb and Marietta School Districts! Come join us and be part of the premier education organization!

Tom Sciacca: Technology can cut school costs

Tom Sciacca: Technology can cut school costs (flipped classrooms)

I read this article hoping to have a revelation about flipped classrooms. I want to love the idea but there is a major fear that this concept will lead to less teachers, more classroom monitors, possibly paraprofessionals. I also fear that this will be used as an excuse for larger classes, something that article mentions but doesn't elaborate on. What do you think about Flipped Classrooms?